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When does the California season start?

Historically, the California Hass season starts when the industry deems the fruit to have acceptable eating quality.  The state of California has established release dates based on maturity tests.  Dates are established for each size with the final release of all sizes around mid-January.  Growers may have their fruit tested for early release based on dry matter tests that exceed the state standards.

What is the harvest process?

Growers should meet with their Mission Field Rep prior to the start of the season to establish a general plan for harvesting based on market conditions, competition and conditions in the grove.  Steady communication between the grower and Mission is necessary to determine if the plan is on course or if current market conditions warrant a change.  At the start of the harvest process, your Mission Rep will walk your grove to assess your crop and income potential.  Mission will help set up picking crews and harvest dates.
Some ranches have their own picking crews and will pay them directly.  However if a crew is needed, Mission will contract a crew for you and pay them from your proceeds based upon an agreed price.

When should I harvest?

Today’s avocado industry involves worldwide sources of fruit.  Because imported fruit sources are peaking at various times of the year, California grower returns vary from January to October.  Market conditions and cultural practices also influence the time to harvest.  If practical, maximizing your tonnage per acre through size picking can be an option.  The bottom line is to have a plan and to stay in close contact with your Mission Field Representative.

When do I get payment for my fruit?

Payment for your crop is typically 30 to 35 days after the date of picking.

What is a packout?

A packout is an accounting statement which shows the results of the grading and packing process.  It will be sent out within a week after harvest and will show how your fruit was sized and graded.  The pick date will determine what pool a grower is in. There are four pools in a month.  Any given pool can be affected by market trends and conditions.  Your Mission Rep will explain how pools work.  And at Mission, growers are encouraged to watch their fruit being packed.

Who do I contact to inquire about my crop and market conditions?

Your Mission Rep will be your point person for all the information regarding your grove and account at Mission Produce.

How do I sign up with Mission Produce?

Contact the Mission Produce Field Office in Oxnard at 805-488-3575, or our Southern Field Office in Temecula at 800-332-9814.  Our Field Representatives are listed on the website by geographical location if you wish to determine who your man would be.  Your Mission Rep will walk you through the simple process of signing up and marketing your fruit with Mission Produce.

What additional grower services are available from Mission Produce?

Grower services available on-line include packout information, current market trends, regional crop reports and capabilities for  electronic payment to your financial institution.